1. Bank cards Visa, MasterCard, MIR through "Assist" acquiring system while placing an order.

We accept bank cards Visa, MasterCard, WORLD for payment. Payment transactions are carried out by our partner ASSIST, which guarantees the security of all payments.

Online payment security

In the ASSIST system, payment security is provided by using the TLS protocol to transfer confidential information from the client to the ASSIST server for further processing. The server certificate was issued by Thawte, a recognized digital certificate issuance center.

Further transfer of information is carried out through closed banking networks of the highest degree of protection.

Processing of the confidential customer data received in encrypted form (card details, registration data, etc.) is made on a secure high-tech server of the processing company. Thus, no one, not even the seller, can get personal and bank data of the client, including information about his purchases made in other stores.  During the operation, you will be additionally redirected to the Issuer Bank page to enter a confirmation security code (in case the bank that issued your card supports 3DSecure technology, and your card also supports this program).

3D Secure is a procedure of additional cardholder authentication designed to ensure guaranteed security of payments on bank cards on the Internet.

The technological solution of 3D Secure has its own brand in each of the payment systems:
- Verified by Visa - by Visa Int. Cards.
- MasterCard Secure Code - on cards issued within MasterCard Int.

Regardless of the name, 3D Secure technology assumes a secure session when conducting an Internet transaction and allows cardholders-users to confirm the validity of the operation for the Bank issuing the card.


2. Cash payment

Payment is made directly to the courier at the time of delivery of the goods. In turn, you get a receipt from the courier.


3. Payment by Bank card to the courier

Payment is made directly at the time of delivery of the goods. At the time of the call of the courier, you must notify him in advance that the payment will be made using a bank card.


  • The card can not be transferred to a third party for payment.
  • The signature on the Card must coincide with the signature of the Customer in the passport (or other document proving the identity).
  • When performing an operation using the Card, certain actions are performed: authorization of the operation; check the card number for absence in the Stop-list; the correctness of entering the PIN-code; correspondence of the card number to the data of the POS-terminal check, comparison of the signature on the Card and the check.
  • The courier has the right to ask for a personal identity document, if no PIN is entered for payment. Please note that some payment methods are not available for certain localities.
  • Please note that delivery operators use the concept of the maximum cost of departure. The available maximum payment method depends on the specified maximum cost.
  • If you pay cash to the courier, the maximum limit is 50,000 rubles. For prepayment and card payment to the courier - 300,000 rubles.